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  • Little Dancing Bear – solar powered.

    This little bear (10cm/4″ high) fits perfectly on dash of car or truck or anywhere else where sunlight will power the bear to dance. $12.95 plus shipping.

  • Mugs – Bear With Us

    Mugs by Bear With Us. Our mugs feature black handles and black inside. All are 11 oz. Choose your design by clicking on options in drop down.

    Design as per photos

  • Computer Mouse Pads

    Computer mouse pad dimensions are 9″ X 7.6″. To purchase a computer mouse pad, record the part number of the mouse pad and scroll down to the Paypal link. Thank you!

    17310,mousepad,Bennie,20161025-D505431 copy

    17314,mousepad,cub,a,D200,105micro, new cub,sudbury 013 copy

    17318,MousePad,Nutmeg,a,D800334 copy

    17319,MousePad,RunningBear,20160805-D500032 copy copy

    17313,mousepad,cub,D800, bears,cubs 072 copy

    17317,mousepad,Screen Shot 2016-09-18 copy

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