Volunteer & Employment Opportunities

We receive numerous emails  from individuals located in many Countries.
We appreciate your interest in bears and the work we do at Bear With Us.
Thank you.

On Location:

There is currently no volunteer, student placement or paid positions available at the Bear With Us Centre for Bears.

Education About the Black Bear of North America. (Volunteer)

Educational Outreach

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about bears, animals and the environment in general who are willing to share accurate information about the black bear and human/bear coexistence. We are looking for people who appreciate bears alive and free in the wild. Bear With Us can assist by supplying accurate information about the Black Bear and how people and bears may coexist. Owning a laptop and a projector is an asset. If you feel comfortable speaking to public groups please contact Mike McIntosh by email – mike@bearwithus.org .