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Understanding the North American Black Bear Wise About Bears located here – Wise About Bears

Nom Noms for Bear Cubs

Black bear cubs enjoy wild choke cherries. Cubs will be returned to the wild summer 2020. Photography – Ella McIntosh Edit – Mike McIntosh / Final Cut Pro X Sounds – The bear cubs © Bear With Us Inc. … Continue reading

The Road to the Wild for Orphan Bears (2 min.)

Video uploaded – November 2019

A Mother Bear Nurses Her Cubs – Video

Bear Cubs, Fun Playing in the Snow (11/2019)

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How Bears Communicate. Over 180,000 views.

A horrible injury, that only a leg hold trap could inflict.

A horrible injury, that only a leg hold trap could inflict.

2020 Bear With Us Calendar

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Our Calendar for 2020 may be ordered as a single copy or a package of three. We appreciate your support. Ordering a Bear With Us 2020 calendar helps us do what we do. Cost for a single calendar is $18.50 … Continue reading

Bear Cub Siblings & Friends Love and Play

Location – Bear With Us Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Centre for Bears. These are Black Bear cubs born January 2019. Video taken October 2019.

We are NOT open to the public

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This time of year we get asked many times, can we see the bears? No, we are not a zoo. We do this for the bears. Yes we need funding but we will not sell out the animals in our … Continue reading