The Facility – Bear With Us Centre for Bears

Injured young bear was shot ..

Educate yourself about bears

The Podcast (video added) interviewer from Colorado asks many great questions about bears and people being active in areas where there are bears. 48 minutes.

Black Bear Family. View and hear cubs nursing.

Bear, Wolf Predation on Moose Calves + More Research Studies

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Source – Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. 1 – Moose Mortality,Patterson et al_Moose calf mortality ON_JWM_2013 2 – Obbardetal_BigenoughforBears_Ursus_2017 3 – Hunted,unhunted study, Chapleau, Game Preserve,Obbard 2008 black bear in Chapleau vs outside Chapleau preserve 4 – Suspened … Continue reading

Ontario Residents. Please Act Now for Bears

Ontario Residents. Please Act Now for Bears Updated – Feb./10/2019 Please make a comment on the Environmental Registry now. Deadline Feb. 18, 2020 -Contact your local MPP by email or direct mail. Please act now! -Copy comment and mail or … Continue reading

Welcome Year 2020. A Bear With Us slideshow

Slide show from Bear With Us for Bears, put to music.

Orphaned, Injured then Freedom for Bears

Video uploaded – November 2019

Nom Noms for Bear Cubs

Black bear cubs enjoy wild choke cherries. Cubs will be returned to the wild summer 2020. Photography – Ella McIntosh Edit – Mike McIntosh / Final Cut Pro X Sounds – The bear cubs © Bear With Us Inc. … Continue reading

A Mother Bear Nurses Her Cubs – Video