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Welcome to BEAR With Us!

Bear With Us Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Centre for Bears

Bear With Us Mission:To promote the understanding and respect for the bear family, a species near the top of the evolutionary scale, a species in direct niche competition with the human race.

Fulfilling the mission: The Bear With Us Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Centre for Bears concentrates on four primary areas of operation in order to fulfill the mission. We invite you to learn more about our 4 focus areas.

For twenty two years (2014) I have worked with adult wild black bears that are victims of hunting, automobile and other injuries, assisted orphan cubs until old enough to be returned to the wild and worked with home owners regarding perceived nuisance bears. This work has allowed me the privilege to observe the many varied reactions to human interference exhibited by the bears. What I find incredible is a bear’s ability for exhibiting restraint.” …Mike McIntosh

Each year Bear With Us is required to renew Ministry of Natural Resources Authorizations. a) Keep captive, rehabilitate and return black bears to the wild. b) Keep black bears permanently in captivity. c) Act as an agent when working to resolve human/bear conflicts such as live trapping and relocating a bear. We sincerely hope you find this website informative and a good resource.

BEARHELP for Orphan Cubs, Injured Bears and Human / Bear Conflicts.

Call us (cell): 1-705-571-4397 or (office): 1-705-685-7830.

Email Direct to Cell Phone: bearhelp@hotmail.ca

We have the equipment to handle most any situation.

For additional contact information see Contact Us

For more news about Bear With Us and other bear related news, see Bear Paw News .

Video – BEAR With Us – 2014 Year in Review

This 28 minute video allows an inside look into the activities at the Bear With Us Sanctuary (BWU) during the year 2014. Not every bear, bear cub or BWU activity is documented in this video due to time constraints necessary in order to produce a video that plays 30 minutes or less. The Bear With Us Sanctuary is NOT open to the general public.

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Bears and You in Cottage Country – CTV News.

Click here: Bears and You in Cottage Country CTV’s Canada AM interviews Mike McIntosh of Bear With Us August 5 2015. Interview performed remotely using Facetime. Photo – Two young bears play. Photo credit – Mike McIntosh

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