Research – Survival of Orphan Bear Cubs – New Hampshire

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Survival of Orphan Black bear Cubs – short term – New Hampshire Bear cubs,Short-term survival of rehabilitated orphan cubs NH-Human-Wildl Interactions_2016

Research – Survival of Orphan Black Bear Cubs

Bear Cub Rehabilitation Study – Dr. John Beechham and … Bear cub Rehab.Study

Bear Sounds, CBC Radio, Calgary Interview with Mike McIntosh/Bear With Us

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The sounds a bear makes. March 8, 2017. Listen here – CBC Radio Calgary’s Rob Brown Interviews Mike McIntosh CBC Calgary radio interview with Mike McIntosh/Bear With Us. Take a moment to listen.

Mike travels to Alberta to speak March 11, 2017

Live in Alberta? Mike McIntosh to be a guest speaker at the Cochrane Research Institute’s Symposium entitled 2017 Wilderness Wildlife and Human Interaction – Finding Common Ground. Location Cochrane Alberta. Date-March 11 2017. Learn more about interesting speakers here:—finding-common-ground.html

Why Ontario Black Bears are moving south!

Thank you TVO and journalist Daniel Sellers for a well written article about bears. “If we have a dry summer, and a lack of berries, there’s more bears seen. Doesn’t mean there’s more bears, just more bears seen,” McIntosh says. … Continue reading

Bears prefer plants to eat!

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The Bears of Brooks River (Alaska)

The Bears of Brooks River Alaska. A PDF file courtesy of the National Parks Service. The Bears of Brooks River (Alaska) Representative photo – Charlie Russell

Coexisting with Large Carnivores -SW Alberta Initiative.

Coexisting with Large Carnivores

Coyote-Wolf-Bear Education Initiative

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The Coyote-Wolf-Bear Education Initiative involves Sampson, Barron and McIntosh. Taking to the road traveling town to town, engaging citizens. Removing the myths regarding coyote, wolf and bear. Stay tuned for more to come! Meet our team! Email: (copy and paste email).

Ontario Nature takes aim at the Spring Bear Hunt.

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Read to learn more about the lies and misinformation about bears.