I Was Followed by Bears – by Ella.

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I Was Followed by Bears – Written & photo by Ella. This is a story you will neither see in your local newspaper or on the TV news because it is not dramatic enough, but this happens often. I had … Continue reading

All About Bears – Q and A June 22, 2018 with Ella & Mike

Scaring a bear away from home, cottage or campground is easy and safe to do.

Black Bear of other colours

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The North American Black Bear is not always black. It may be different shades of brown, white or black. The Glacier Bear of Alaska has a bluish tinge to its black fur, still black and still a black bear as … Continue reading

Bears. Questions and Answers – Bear With Us.

Bear With Us Video Update – March 11, 2018

Bear With Us Video Update – March 11, 2018.

People, Dogs and Bears / Understanding the Black Bear

Location – Burnham Mansion Veterinary Services – Peterborough, Ontario. August 19, 2017.

What is hyperphagia?

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Hyperphagia – What is hyperphagia? Hyper is extreme activity or highly active. Phagia the suffix, has to do with eating. Hyperphagia with regards to a bear, refers to the need to eat continuosly. At this time of year, mid August … Continue reading

Bears – They will keep looking for more:

Now is the Time!

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Now is the time! Put away bird feeders for the summer. Keep food garbage secured until you can have it properly disposed of. If you have garbage pick up, put garbage to curb as close to pick up time as … Continue reading