Bears prefer plants to eat!

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The Bears of Brooks River (Alaska)

The Bears of Brooks River Alaska. A PDF file courtesy of the National Parks Service. The Bears of Brooks River (Alaska) Representative photo – Charlie Russell

Coexisting with Large Carnivores -SW Alberta Initiative.

Coexisting with Large Carnivores

Coyote-Wolf-Bear Education Initiative

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The Coyote-Wolf-Bear Education Initiative involves Sampson, Barron and McIntosh. Taking to the road traveling town to town, engaging citizens. Removing the myths regarding coyote, wolf and bear. Stay tuned for more to come! Meet our team! Email: (copy and paste email).

Ontario Nature takes aim at the Spring Bear Hunt.

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Read to learn more about the lies and misinformation about bears.

Killing snares are inhumane. Canada needs to get rid of them.

Bear With Us photo. Wildlife killed in snares. CBC Radio interview with retired trapper.

Roger Klein of CTV News to BWU

CTV News – Roger Klein of CTV News Barrie visited Bear With Us Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Centre for Bears (BWU). Roger Klein meets a man north of Huntsville who has made it his job to care for cubs and return … Continue reading

Bear With Us Fundraiser – March 18,19,20 / 2016 via Facebook online.

Fundraiser begins at 1PM EST- Friday, March 18th and continues thru to Sunday the 20th of March 2016. The Bear With Us(BWU) Fundraising Team is proud to announce our 3rd annual spring Fun(d)raiser event that is held via Facebook online. … Continue reading

Spring Bear Hunt returns to Ontario in Full Force May 2016

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Not unexpected, but still a very sad practice and bad for bears and other species of wildlife in the spring. The Spring Bear Hunt will resume in full force in Ontario, beginning May 1, 2016. The spring hunt will end … Continue reading

Black Bear Cubs

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Black bear cubs were born 2 to 6 weeks ago (January). This week we received a 20kg (44 pounds) bag of powdered formula, ready for new arrivals, cost $209.31. The bear cub pictured arrived March 6 2013, Velvet. Well over … Continue reading