Black Bear Cubs

Velvet,Mike,blur effect, March 15, 2013, mjm,D80_0274

Black bear cubs were born 2 to 6 weeks ago (January). This week we received a 20kg (44 pounds) bag of powdered formula, ready for new arrivals, cost $209.31. The bear cub pictured arrived March 6 2013, Velvet. Well over 400 cubs have been taken in for care at Bear With Us – They come to the centre as wild little bears. They are returned to the wild area they came from as wild “much bigger” bears. Once the bear cubs eyes open and they can stand and drink on their own they are weaned away from human handling. We keep them with other bear cubs because they need the socialization. By reducing human contact as soon as we can, we keep them “wild little bears”.- Mike McIntosh.

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