I Was Followed by Bears – by Ella.

I Was Followed by Bears – Written & photo by Ella. This is a story you will neither see in your local newspaper or on the TV news because it is not dramatic enough, but this happens often. I had not ventured far after beginning my hike when I saw a couple of bears walking next to the trail I was on. I said ” hi” to them to let them know I was aware of their presence and moved on. I followed the river for some time and enjoyed the beautiful scenery for a couple of kilometers when I decided to change my hiking route . When I turned around i saw the scene you are looking at in the photo. I realized that both bears were following me in the direction I was going and I did not even know that until I turned around. Actually, now I know exactly where they were going and that had nothing to do with me and my hiking. You only see one bear in the photo because the other one was a few meters up the hill and did not get into the frame of this photo. Anyways, I started walking back and the bears were continuing on their path. I was between the river and two bears who graciously let me walk by them. They minded their business, I minded mine. We coexisted at the same space and time. This is an ordinary story that happens to hikers often, but we never hear or read about it. ~ Ella.

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