What is hyperphagia?

Hyperphagia – What is hyperphagia? Hyper is extreme activity or highly active. Phagia the suffix, has to do with eating. Hyperphagia with regards to a bear, refers to the need to eat continuosly. At this time of year, mid August through to late September or October, a bear feels the need to eat continuously and that need may include feeding up to 24 hours a day. If your family friend, the dog is kept to 2-3 meals a day with limited amounts, this is not good enough for a bear. Berries are ripe, bears will choose natural foods first. Still, we need to not feed the birds and be careful with how we dispose of food garbage. Keep the BBQ clean and keep cottage doors closed, screen doors closed are like leaving a door wide open. – Mike McIntosh/Bear With Us.

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